January 18, 2022

A Hero For Victims Of Brokerage Scams

A hero to me would be someone who stands up to brokers and fraudsters, takes the heat wherever he can and promotes the common good instead of finding himself on the receiving end of vicious attacks from those who don’t have one iota of integrity. I am talking about exposing the dirty underhanded tricks that fraudulent mortgage brokers and their promoters use to fleece innocent victims of money and leaving them with nothing. A hero would be someone who stands up to a scammer who has intimidated others into thinking he or she is untouchable.

In the world of mortgage brokerage’s scams are all too common and the scammers know this. It’s almost a given that once you become a victim there will be hell to pay. You will be called every name in the book and your personal and business reputation will be put on the line. What brokerage scams usually do is find an unsuspecting victim and coax them into giving them more money than they should while the unsuspecting victim continues to hand over monies without a question. A hero would be someone who protects their clients and themselves by taking the heat instead of allowing it to come down on them. It’s about time we put brokers in their place and protect the American people from these parasites!

In conclusion, a brokerage scam is a crock of crap. Anyone who falls for one is a fool. Protecting yourself from brokerage scams is the best way to prevent yourself from falling prey. You would be wise to invest in your future and protect your family from the threat of brokerage scams. Please consider this.

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